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제목 : Hi Jessy.
글쓴이 : moon   ( 이메일 홈페이지 )

Thank you for your email.
But the problem is..i don't have enough money for school.I can ask help from my mother if i need money for the school but i don't want to do that^^;;
Do you know any korean-irish corporation companies in ireland?
I suppose maybe they need a korean-english speaking staffs..
I've been searching for them in the internet but couldn't find any.
Or do you know any korean companies in ireland??
I know it's quite annoying you to find a solutions..
if i don't find any better proper ways of my staying here within two months and then i'd go back to korea.And that would be my last chice^^Anyhow..thank you so much everytimes.
Have a good day

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