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제목 : [Re]Hi jessy!
글쓴이 : Jessie   ( 이메일 홈페이지 )

Hi Jue

I've just rang to your mobile but you didn't answer at all.

To be honest, it's quite difficult to get a steady job here as you are

already aware of the fact the immigration laws are getting tough to non-eu

citizens and a work-permmit as well.

Jue,give me a call to my mobile then I'll get back you shortly with my


It'll save some of your credit balance! We might get things sorted out


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Hi Jessy! it's moon. how are you?
Hope you are well.Thank you for the text message.
I sent you back but i don't know why the middle part was missing.

Actually i was about to contact you to get some advice. As i talked you before by telephone i am considering to stay longer here.So
I tried to find a real job but realized i only can apply for three kinds of
jobs.IT,Health and Construction area.

I have no experience to work in that field before.i worked in a trading company as a administrator for 4 years so i submitted my CV to some company for that position.But eventually it turned out to be useless.

i'm wondering..that is there any ways that i can work and stay longer.
I've got only two months left so acually i'm in stuck now..Have no clue. Could you give me an idea?Thank you everytime Jessy.
Have a wonderful holiday!

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