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제목 : [Re]문의 드려요~^^
글쓴이 : Jessie   ( 이메일 홈페이지 )

Hi there Here are some informations that you might need for a better


Limerick Language Center

STANDARD COURSE 15 Hours (900 minutes)

15 full hours of group tuition weekly, max. 12 students

€ 315 per week for the first 6 weeks (weeks 1-6)
€ 305 per week for the next 6 weeks (weeks 7 - 12)
€ 295 per week for any additional weeks (weeks 13+)

The price above includes host family accommodation and tuition as well.

LLC has a very positive feedback from Korean students which means this

school has shown a high re-registration rate among students.Ans also the

director of LLC,Pat (she's from America)is such a nice lady has a plenty

of experiences in English education field.

Unfortunately we don't provide an airport transportaion service at the

moment so I suggest that you arrive at the Cork airport to get to Limerick

rather than Dublin.There are many coach buses being run from an airport to

other cities and this is the cheapest way for you to try. Lte does booking

service for free on behalf of students!!!

Visist to learn more about fares and the services they

offer. Look forward to hearing from you. Jessie

---------------▽ 원본메세지 ▽---------------
단기 어학 연수 계획차 몇 가지 질문이 있어 문의 드립니다~
갈 날이 얼마 안남아..acutal한 정보를 얻었으면 합니다...
성심 성으껏 답변 주시면 너무너무 감사하겠습니다...ㅠ

기간 : 4월 말 - 8월 초 (홈스테이 / 학교 : 각각 12~14 주씩)

생각하는 학교 : Limerick Language Centre
요 학교에 대한 아래 질문에 답변 주셔요~

- 한반 수업 인원(정해진 max 인원수가 있나요~?)
- 학비/홈스테이비용- (주당 15시간 외 신청할 시의 비용 & 알선비)
=> 정말 스페셜한 가격 알려 주세요..ㅠ
- 방과 후 활동
- 한국 학생 비율
- 쉐논 공항 국제선 안되는 걸로 알고 있는데요...픽업 서비스는 되나요?

감사합니다 ~

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